Know What Your Gains Need

Farmpoint Moisture Analyser

Know What Your Gains Need

Farmpoint Moisture Analyser

Superior Moisture Measurement

Quick and accurate measurement  to let you know the right time to harvest your grain. Handy, reliable and easy to use.

Suitable for

All Type of Seeds and Grains

Analyzer Features
and Specifications

Analyzer Features and Specifications

The Farmpoint Moisture Analyzer helps you know the moisture level of your grains, hence helps in knowing the right time to harvest. It can be used to check moisture of grains even at any point during the drying process or in storage. Harvesting a crop when it’s still too wet can lead to extra drying expenses, this analyzer helps in preventing that from ever happening.


Moisture measuring ranges from 5% to 45% depending on the crop.

Automatic temperature compensation.

Automatic calculation of average value.

Supplied in a casing made of shockproof ABS plastic.

Two years warranty.

Turn on the tester by pressing the ON/TEST button. Use the arrow keys to select grain type.

Fill the test cell.

Screw-on the lid until the pressure indicator is in level with the top of the lid.

Press the ON/TEST button and the moisture level will be displayed.

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